Baby Alpaca Fiber

Please note that this item is not washable, due to the ecological tanning process. However, instead of professional dry cleaning, we recommend you gently rub the fur with talc and restore the fluffiness with a wire brush, ideally a pet brush if you have one! Please be aware as this is a natural product, the color and texture of the fur will vary from one product to another.

Pima Cotton

  • Machine Wash

    You can machine wash Pima Cotton, but we recommend that you set your machine to cold wash a gentle cycle. We recommend that you turn your garment inside out to prevent fading. Always separate colored and whites to avoid color transfer in the wash. We don't recommend using fabric softener as it can also cause the color to fade.

  • Drying

    You can use your dryer to dry 100% cotton, but you should take the items out while they are still damp. Use a low-heat or permanent press setting, as too much heat will shrink your clothing. Cotton also wrinkles easily when you over-dry it, which is why a permanent press setting works well. 

  • Ironing

    Ironing can be avoided by simply air-drying your garment.  We recommend removing it immediately from the washing machine, re-shaping the garment if needed.  If you need to iron the garment, use a cool setting.

  • Storing

    We recommend storing our garments by hanging them in a wardrobe.