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Boy Polka-Dot Pajama Set in Pima Cotton

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100 % Pima Cotton PJ's. Our pajamas are crafted in organic pima cotton specially combed to leave only the longest fibers for extra softness all night. This PJ's are super soft and cozy for a beautiful night sleep and also for morning play. Our logo is embroidered on one side of the chest. 

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Care Instructions

Machine Wash: You can machine wash Pima Cotton, but we recommend that you set your machine to 30°C on the gentle cycle and to wash your garment inside out to prevent fading.  Always separate coloured and whites to avoid colour transfer in the wash.  We don't recommend using fabric softener as it can also cause the colour to fade.  

Drying: Pima Cotton can be air-dried or machine dried using a low heat.  We recommend air drying as it will help make the garment last longer and prevent any unwanted shrinking.  If you are tempted to put into the dryer, make sure to remove it before the garment is completely dry and complete the drying process by laying flat on a clean surface to finish the drying process.

Ironing: Ironing can be avoided by simply air-drying your garment.  We recommend removing it immediately from the washing machine, re-shaping the garment if needed.  If you need to iron the garment, use a cool setting.

Storing: We recommend storing our garments by hanging them in a wardrobe.