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Baby n Kids Baby Alpaca and Merino Fleece Slippers - Tan

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$48.00 USD

Handmade Ethically Sourced Alpaca and Merino Fleece Slippers Booties 

Please note that this item is not washable, due to the ecological tanning process. However, instead of professional dry cleaning, we recommend you gently rub the fur with talc and restore the fluffiness with a wire brush, ideally a pet brush if you have one! Works a treat.

Please be aware as this is a natural product, the color and texture of the fur will vary from one product to another.

Alpaca Ethical Fur:

The Alpaca fur used in Snuggles N Cuddles’ products is ethically sourced. The Alpacas from which the skins are removed are not killed for their fur.